How it works

Easy to use technology

Our process is easy! Simply download our App, create a profile, and begin making returns in minutes. Our App will match you with a local Runner, who will pick up your merchandise (at a time and location specified by you), and return it on your behalf. What’s more, we will notify you as your return moves through the process and send you a confirmation receipt once the return has been completed. Our Runners are on call from 8am - 7pm, seven days a week to service your Return Requests. 


Returns offered to a variety of stores

Currently, ReturnRunners is offering return service to a number of online and local retail stores. If you need to make a return to a store not on our list, we are happy to try on a best efforts basis, but we must respect and adhere to the store’s return policy.  If we are unable to complete your return we will make arrangements to bring your item back to you.



Affordable pricing

ReturnRunners charges a nominal fee of $9.99 per Return Request (inclusive of one item). Any additional items added to your Return Request will cost an extra $0.99 per item. The retailer is responsible for refunding your return to the method of payment used when the item was purchased.