Why We Make Returns


As an on-demand retail return service, we understand why people don’t want to make returns. From long lines, to parking fees, to limited free time, there is no scenario in which returns are an easy task. While we know this struggle all too well, we want to know why returns are being made in the first place.


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Meet Susan Alexandra, the talented and creative New York-based jewelry and handbag designer. We chatted with Susan about the inspiration for her whimsical designs, how she fell in love with jewelry, and being her own boss. Check out what she had to say:

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What's stopping shoppers from making returns?

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Returns are a fundamental part of the retail world. However, the current returns process for retailers and consumers alike remains fragmented and creates legitimate frustrations on each side. Retailers experience significant repurposing costs due to multiple-touches, lack of data or information, and return fraud. Consumers find making returns too laborious, letting unwanted items sit in their closets for months at a time (which also creates significant losses for retailers, who, when those items finally do get returned after several months, have to issue a refund at full-price, and are only able to resell that item for a fraction of its original cost)...