The Power of the Pop-Up


The ease and convenience of e-commerce has many shoppers avoiding traditional retail locations in favor of purchasing from their phone, tablet or desktop. The result can be seen in the closures of many brick-and-mortar retail locations. However, many retail experts believe that having a traditional retail presence is still essential to building brand value and gaining exposure to customers. So, how do you capture the attention of the consumer, without the long-term expense and commitment? One answer: pop-up shops.

The Coveted "Me Time" – How ReturnRunners Helps Busy Parents


In between long hours at work, carpools, and avoiding stepping on Legos, parents are busy. Throughout each chaotic day, the average parent’s free time adds up to a tear-jerking 90 minutes. However you choose to spend that time, those moments of freedom should not go unused.

Why We Make Returns


As an on-demand retail return service, we understand why people don’t want to make returns. From long lines, to parking fees, to limited free time, there is no scenario in which returns are an easy task. While we know this struggle all too well, we want to know why returns are being made in the first place.


SPOTLIGHT.Susan-08 copy.jpg

Meet Susan Alexandra, the talented and creative New York-based jewelry and handbag designer. We chatted with Susan about the inspiration for her whimsical designs, how she fell in love with jewelry, and being her own boss. Check out what she had to say:

The Modern Wedding Registry - Say "I Do" to ReturnRunners


How has the wedding registry stood the test of time?  First popularized in the 1920s by the department store Marshall Field's, this structured method of gift-giving is still an American wedding staple. But now the game has changed.