The Modern Wedding Registry - Say "I Do" to ReturnRunners


How has the wedding registry stood the test of time?  First popularized in the 1920s by the department store Marshall Field's, this structured method of gift-giving is still an American wedding staple. But now the game has changed.

You Do NOT Want To Miss This: Our Favorite Summer Sales


Picture this: you walk into your favorite store. Your eyes are drawn to the sweater you’ve been eyeing online for weeks. It’s finally your time to buy it. It’s on sale.

Attention all shoppers! ReturnRunners is here to keep you updated on all the best upcoming sales. Get your credit cards ready, and start shopping. Click "Read More" to get the full list!

What's stopping shoppers from making returns?

Women with shopping bags

Returns are a fundamental part of the retail world. However, the current returns process for retailers and consumers alike remains fragmented and creates legitimate frustrations on each side. Retailers experience significant repurposing costs due to multiple-touches, lack of data or information, and return fraud. Consumers find making returns too laborious, letting unwanted items sit in their closets for months at a time (which also creates significant losses for retailers, who, when those items finally do get returned after several months, have to issue a refund at full-price, and are only able to resell that item for a fraction of its original cost)...

Chicago Summer 2018 Events


After months of snow and freezing temperatures, Chicago residents blossom in the Summer sun. Between festivals, sports games, museums and more, it’s easy to indulge in an endless list of activities. Make the most of your “2018 Summertime Chi” with these events!

Kount Fraud Roundtable

Kount Fraud Roundtable

Fraud is rampant in the retail industry. ReturnRunners works to identify fraudulent returns and act a retailer’s first line of defense in return fraud prevention. To become the best in fraud prevention technologies and solutions, you must learn strategies currently being deployed in retail and other industries. To that end, ReturnRunners attended a roundtable discussion last week, led by Kount, a leading fraud and risk management solutions company.