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Built In Chicago's 50 Startups to Watch in 2019

Every year, Chicago further strengthens its position as a tech hub, backed by $1.4 billion in funding raised in 2018 and home to young companies like Tempus, FourKites and project44 that have become instant industry powerhouses. And with new companies with great ideas and vast potential popping up all the time, the city's tech scene shows no sign of slowing down.

Don't Have Time to Make That Retail Return? This Startup Wants to Do It for You

In recent years, a wave of tech startups have launched with one goal in mind-to help you eliminate the mundane, everyday chores that eat up your precious free time. Tech companies can take care of your grocery shopping, clean your house, walk your dog and even fill your tank with gas.

The Retail Industry Has A Problem With Returns: ReturnRunners Wants To Be The Solution

The National Retail Federation estimates that 11% to 13% of all holiday purchases will be returned this holiday season. Based on NRF's holiday sales projection, that means around $90 to $95 billion in merchandise will be heading back to stores starting December 26. The amount of products returns is overwhelming retailers.


Fara Alexander of ReturnRunners | Bootstrapping in America: Fara Alexander is the Co-founder & CEO of ReturnRunners. The company is a white glove, on-demand service for returning retail merchandise. Customers select what store, upload an image of their receipt, & schedule a time & location for pick up. It's that simple.


White-Glove Returns, Changing Retail Logistics |

Some startups are born after an entrepreneur spots a missing niche in the market: ReturnRunners, for instance, was started after its founder saw a need for a service that could help her return unneeded purchases in an age when she could outsource her groceries, dinner or dry cleaning.


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